Acquiring traffic to the blog: 4 reasons why it’s important

One of the most valuable content marketing tools is the blog, with relevant material and engaging the public. In this sense, acquiring traffic to the blog is essential to attract and generate conversions.

However, for this you need to create the right content for your target audience , otherwise you will have traffic, but not your potential customer. As we said, the blog is a powerful weapon that generates authority and visits to your site, but you need to know how to use it.

Do you want to know more about traffic to your company’s blog and the reasons for its importance within digital marketing ? Follow more on the subject!

What is blog traffic acquisition?

Traffic refers, within the digital world, to the flow of users who navigate between internet pages. The greater the traffic to your website, the more visibility it will have.

In that sense, there are basically two ways for this to happen: organically or paid.

The first form has to do with users who enter the blog spontaneously, without being impacted by an ad. On the other hand, paid traffic is what has been impacted by some form of advertising.

At this time, when making an ad, it is necessary to define the objective of the campaign, which can be: traffic or conversion. Many companies, thinking about sales, choose conversion, but traffic is also vital to the strategy.

But is having a blog important?

The blog plays a fundamental role in the company’s digital marketing. It is through him that the lead will walk the sales funnel , from the top to the completion of the purchase.

A number that shows the importance of the blog is the Optin Monster survey, which reports that 43% of respondents admit reading blogs . A blog serves as a collection of branded content that showcases your authority on the subject. When well optimized with SEO , the blog wins the first pages of Google.

Four points that show the importance of blogging

Now that you understand the importance of a blog for digital marketing, check out four points to analyze and insert this type of content on your website once and for all.

Improves brand authority

Every brand wants to be recognized. However, conquering the public is not only done with products and services, but also by delivering knowledge. Thus, you increase your digital authority .

increase reach

With the acquisition of traffic to the blog, more people will come to your site. It’s ok that it can be a first contact, without generating a lead. However, your brand will no longer be unknown. Thus, the greater the reach, the more awareness the public will have.

More conversions

The more people visit your site, the greater the chance of conversion. But stay tuned, because more visitors only mean more conversions if the traffic is qualified, from people interested in the brand.

long term sales

The journey through the sales funnel is often a long one, but with blogging and content marketing, the lead will be nurtured all the time. Thus, the sale will not have a high number right away, but it may have a significant number in the long term.

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