Discover how to create a Customer Journey in 5 steps

The customer journey is an essential tool to improve the quality of a company’s business. It not only allows more sales to be made, but also manages to improve the company’s relationship with the customer that opens up new business.

To implement the customer journey, you need to know its details, know how it works, what exactly it is for and how it can help your business. From there, it is possible to understand the concepts in which it is divided to do a good job using the customer journey to improve the structure of your business.

Below we will discuss what the customer journey is, what its characteristics are and teachings on how to create a customer journey in five steps.

Likewise, you will realize that each concept will help you understand a little more about both the customer and your business, which will give you the opportunity to modify whatever is necessary to make your growth flow better and accelerate.

What is Customer Journey?

The Customer Journey is a map that transforms the relationship between a business and its customers into a timeline. It begins with the consumer’s need for a product or service that will solve their problem or satisfy a desire and has its end divided into after-sales stages.

So, the Customer Journey is shown as a tool to script this interaction between the company and the customer so that it becomes more active, encouraging the consumer to advance in the stages to complete his purchase and benefit from the good results of his consumption.

In this way, the Customer Journey helps to manage the appropriate marketing strategies for each stage of consumer behavior in order to improve the flow of this interaction with the company.

The development of the Customer Journey is a reflection of better consumer behavior. It was developed through a lot of research and to be created in each company, the marketing team also needs to study the details of the business.
Thus, the company gains better opportunities to interact with its audience in order to better meet their needs by recognizing their preferences and behaviors.

However, it is important to understand the Customer Journey to implement this strategy in your business. Below we’ll discuss a few steps on how to make this journey easier.

How to create your Customer Journey?

For those who are not very familiar with the process of creating the customer journey, it might be interesting to start learning about its structure through software that performs this task. Jornio is a good tool to understand both the customer journey and persona creation, an essential step in this process .

Ideally, you should use Jornio as an assistant in creating the customer journey. Still, it’s interesting to know the five steps for creating the customer journey that will help your business grow more and more.

Find your persona

The first step in creating the Customer Journey is finding your persona. The persona is the target of your strategy and works as a narrowing of the characteristics of your target audience, in order to understand more details of your ideal client so that any marketing strategy you create is more successful.

Creating a persona will require you to really see a character. It needs to have a name, age and many characteristics so that you can understand exactly what your ideal client profile is. Then develop your persona with as much information as possible, such as marital status, number of children, where you live, where you work, what job you do, hobbies, etc.

Find out which points of contact

Touchpoints are the parts of interaction that the customer has with the company. They can be from the action of following the page on the social network , clicking on the link, subscribing to the newsletter, even the actual purchase. These points are essential to understand how the customer interacts with your brand.

However, it is possible to do a simulation to understand these points of contact. In this way, by tracking customer behavior, it is possible to understand how they interact with your company through different channels, such as social networks, email or the official website.

Collect data and develop an initial hypothesis

By defining the touchpoints, you are already able to collect data on the interaction between the consumer and your brand. In this way, you discover which points of contact are being most effective, in addition to knowing why and how each point relates differently to the consumer.

With this, it is possible to understand if that Instagram link is converting well, if the email opening rate is good and which points of interaction convert the most. All these data are essential to develop an initial hypothesis.

The initial hypothesis is the one that shows which path the consumer prefers to take within the customer journey. With it you discover how your ideal client behaves and with that you can create an appropriate journey for your business.

Test the new Customer Journey

Testing the new customer journey is confirming everything that has been developed so far. From this test you can understand if you got the persona right, if the touchpoints are converting and if the collected data really reached the necessary potential for creating a good journey.

Therefore, the new customer journey, when tested, should reflect better results for your company, both in sales conversion and in customer satisfaction and success.

Implement your Journey and constantly review it

Once tested and approved, it is possible to implement the customer journey to reap the rewards.

Above all, it is important to always review this journey, as your business will be in a phase of strong growth and the characteristics of both the brand and the customer profile may change over time.

Therefore, your customer journey needs to be constantly updated to better meet consumer needs.


The Customer Journey is an important roadmap instrument to improve the company’s relationship with the consumer. It is not only responsible for delivering better sales results, but also ensuring that the customer is satisfied with their consumption experience.

Still, it’s important to know the details of the customer journey, do tests and understand how it best fits your target audience. But all this from the development of the persona , which is the first essential step for the success of your journey.

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