Is an online presence for my business required?

A survey released by the Dow portal revealed that the country already has 152 million people with Internet access. To get an idea, this represents 81% of the population over 10 years old.

In addition, most users already use the Web as the starting point for any research they need to do.

If you’re reading this post, for example, you probably make up that statistic. If the company needs to be on the Internet?

This seems to be a question that has already been answered in view of the growing number of computer network accesses. Despite this, it is natural that many entrepreneurs have doubts, not only about the need for an online presence but also about how to do it in the best way.

With that in mind, we have listed some important topics on the subject. Follow the content and ask any questions you may still have about it!

Advantages of having an online presence

As seen, a significant portion of its audience is already connected to the digital world and uses online tools to research new products and services.

In this way, maintaining a good brand positioning in different channels not only allows access to this potential audience but also improves services, enhances customer relationships and monitors trends that bring a competitive edge.

Understand the advantages better!

be easily found

The convenience of finding products and services using online resources has made many businesses expand their communication channels and points of contact with the consumer.

Whether through institutional websites and blogs or through social networks, this is a fundamental strategy for those seeking to stand out in the market.

It is worth remembering that there are several ways to optimize and order the information in the search channels so that your business is suggested as one of the first topics whenever the customer searches for information compatible with your niche.

Improve the relationship with the public

Another great advantage is the possibility of strengthening the relationship with customers. Digital channels, after all, allow you to answer questions, receive feedback and customer calls in just a few clicks.

This, in turn, makes it possible to build a good reputation for the business, based on excellent service and the confidence that every issue can be resolved easily.

It is important to highlight, however, the need to have good support to see results. In other words, having good technological solutions and having a team prepared to serve these channels is essential.

Optimize processes

Finally, when the question is whether the company needs to be on the Internet, process optimization also appears as an advantage. The online presence allows the elaboration of catalogues, menus and other basic information that make life easier for the consumer.

Not to mention that especially for new businesses, access to the channels also allows the collection of customer data, their preferences and their behaviour, which serve as a parameter for the elaboration of marketing and sales strategies.

It is no coincidence that large companies have valuable data to improve their processes and map the customer journey that brings the most results.

But, after all, how to have an online presence?

After this initial phase of questioning whether the company needs to be on the Internet, it is important to be aware of the need to plan. After all, it is necessary to think about the online structure that will be built and the details that make sense for the business or not.

For example, according to the age range of the target audience, some social networks may be strategic, while others may not deliver results. Likewise, the visual identity must be designed according to the profile of the ideal client.

There are many details that need to be aligned together with the support, marketing and sales teams. On the other hand, it is important to have the construction of an institutional website as a pillar.

This is the channel where customers tend to feel most secure.

The official website also conveys credibility and seriousness to the company, in addition to being able to centralize information and provide a complete experience for customers. In this channel, you can even insert icons and links to social networks, environments in which the public can count on daily updates.

Tips to leverage your business

In addition to the tips already mentioned, some strategies can help to achieve the best reach, give credibility and recognition to the brand and win more customers.

Among them, it is worth mentioning:

  • build authority in the market by applying content marketing ;
  • adopt search engine optimization strategies;
  • offer complete information about your business;
  • automate the fulfilment and distribution of e-mails;
  • update the channels on news and launches;
  • register and answer the most frequently asked questions in the channels;
  • if feasible, allow the purchase of products and services online;
  • monitor performance metrics and reports;
  • reinforce the visual identity in all deliveries;
  • invest in paid traffic and online ads on networks.

For all your strategies to be successful, however, having good partnerships is essential. After all, in the beginning, it is natural for managers to have doubts about best practices and where to start building an effective digital presence.

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