Reasons why videos are important in digital marketing strategy

When it comes to video marketing, integration is needed to promote your brand or business and improve your visibility. With videos on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, you can build better connections with viewers while improving your sales process. If you have ever come across brands online they use video content immensely for promotion. This is because videos not only provide an interactive channel

for brand presentation, but also amplify emotions.

Many companies feel that videos are essential for marketing. And in the coming years, marketing will be completely based on videos to get the expected ROI. However, for some, video marketing is still a concern as it is one of the newer additions. But rest assured that it is undoubtedly a successful channel in running a successful business.

Video marketing is a popular, profitable, and versatile tool for boosting business. But, if your video is not professionally made and lacks quality, it is a pure waste. Viewers enjoy watching videos more than any other type of content. In addition, it also allows companies to better express themselves to customers. So, you should use a decent video editor like InVideo to make a lasting impact on your videos.

Through this post, we will introduce the reasons why videos are essential in the era of digital marketing strategy if you want to reach attractive heights with desired benefits.

Videos strengthen engagements

According to Facebook, people prefer to watch Facebook live videos more than any other type of video. Therefore, Facebook live content gains space for likes and comments. Therefore, as a business or brand, investing in live video content is a wise choice to improve your brands visibility and acquire a vast customer base. In addition, live videos establish smooth communication between the brand and the customer due to the direct association and willingness to clarify doubts and concerns.

Easy conversions

Video content makes you more likely to buy things. When customers see a video, they can easily make their purchase decision due to better understanding and clarity of products and services. When you add videos to your landing page, the chances of increasing conversion rates are high. Also, just mentioning the word “video” in the subject of the email is enough to increase the email open rate. Videos are directly related to sales. Videos such as demo and explainer videos are exciting and enhance comprehensive capability by being visually dominant.

high rating

On Google From Google search results, you may know that content with videos is ranked high or displayed at the top of the page. This is mostly for YouTube videos as Google owns them. But it also goes for videos embedded in blog posts. Most people believe that average time spent on page is a “user signal” used by Google to demonstrate satisfaction and trust with the page. When embedded videos are used from the web page or blogs it helps in increasing the average time on a page and consequently the SEO.
So make sure you optimize videos for SEO on YouTube. You might consider adding catchy titles and descriptions. Adding a website backlink is also vital for enlightening customers on the next step. To make your videos interesting, opt for a video editor like InVideo . This InVideo flooded video creation feature is easy to use and has many effects including variety of blank and pre-made templates.

Videos are engaging and build trust

Videos are better than static content. Anyone would rather watch a video than read a blog post. Both customers and customers love video content. In addition, it is proven that attention increases with video than any other type of content. Also, videos help in building trust. Since the whole notion of content marketing relies on trust and relationships, videos are what you need.

When you create an engaging video that touches viewers’ emotions, consider your job done as many people prefer to buy products and services only after watching a video related to it. Many people still refrain from buying things after watching a video due to the scam and cheating feat. But if the videos are professionally made, you can easily win over these viewers and forge their trust in your products and services.

It is essential to give your videos an edge by using a video maker like InVideo, which has tons of features to enhance your videos. With the help of InVideo, you can play with animations, audio and visual special effects, etc. to create high-quality video content to impress people.


Did you know that making a blog post with a video and a written article can speed up blogging immensely? By transcribing what you said and talking to the camera, you can bring the best of both sides, i.e. video and written content, to your post.

Videos are mobile friendly

Most people like to watch videos on their mobile phones while on the go. As the number of smartphone users is increasing exponentially, it is offering an opportunity to broaden the audience base impressively. Additionally, mobile users get the feel and look of the video twice as much as TV and desktop viewers, creating a concrete personal connection to the products and services the video is featuring. So if brands can be more sensitive to offer more enhanced and personalized experiences to mobile users when it comes to video content, it could pay off in terms of sales and benefits.

Increased brand affinity and recognition

You can make an authentic and transparent connection with your viewers with video marketing. Video marketing allows small brands to compete equally with the big names in the market by personally connecting with potential buyers to strengthen brand affinity.

Coming to brand visibility, video content helps convey a message or information, which might not be interpreted through a blog post. Therefore, it leverages brand awareness while engaging customers.

More social shares

People will surely share the video with their family and friends if the video is entertaining and motivating. Also, with the various features like live videos, stories and periscope provided by social media platforms, sharing can be encouraged when the video is entertaining and emotionally intact.

Videos make it easy to explain

When it comes to launching a new product, doing a demo or explainer video can be a game changer. People find it easy to understand things and learn more from videos. Therefore, most companies consider featuring explainer videos and tutorials. If there is a difficult concern associated with your products and services, you can use animations to make it easier to understand. Animated Videos are a lot more fun and entertaining, which certainly works to get things going. In addition, video content is easily understood and remembered for a long time.

best recipe

Brands using video marketing are already generating more revenue and ROI than companies still using video. So, if you too are looking for an increase in revenue, it’s time to brush up on your video marketing skills.

Video work for lazy shoppers

The videos provide a great learning experience and are easy to interpret. Understandably, life is super busy these days and people don’t have time to read lengthy content. A modern consumer prefers to watch a video to gain knowledge of whatever they need to buy. Therefore, videos are even preferred by those who are lazy or lack time to read blog posts.

So it is true that with video marketing the right target audience can be captured to gain a competitive advantage.

Video options are endless

You might think that videos might not be suitable for promoting your products and services. But unless you know, there are different types of videos you can create to promote your brand, products and services. Videos range from demo, tutorials, instructions, unboxing, live videos, stories, behind the scenes, customer testimonials, etc. You can opt for any type based on your products or brand theme. However, don’t overdo it with your content. Opt for something simple and engaging. In addition, it is essential to keep the video short and create a hook in the first few seconds.

It’s recommended to see what videos your competitors made and what content is trending in the market to get the best results.

Great availability

When it comes to video availability, the options are many. Videos are available everywhere, whether it’s on social media, websites, company websites, emails or messages. Furthermore, these options can be easily accessed using mobile phones, desktops and laptops. So make the most of it and consider adopting a video marketing strategy to boost your business multidimensionally.

Attract new buyers

Videos are a great way to attract new customers. You can take the help of quality and professionally made video content to advertise your products and services on various platforms like Facebook and YouTube . These sites have many targeting features to help reach different people so that your videos are shown to the selected set of people who might be interested in your brand.

In short:

Thanks to technology for providing us with everything we need to seamlessly market products and services. There are numerous reasons why incorporating videos into your marketing plan is a great idea. We hope that with these above reasons, you can convince yourself to opt for video marketing to reap desirable benefits and stay ahead of your competitors in the market.

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