St. Charles Senior High, Tamale

St. Charles Senior High School, Tamale


Gender: Mixed

Housing status: Day

Telephone: 024 256 9184



To aspire to be the best institution in Ghana that would give an all-round education to form and train young men to be morally upright, academic giants and to build confidence in themselves to face the future with hope.


To create an atmosphere that would ensure the
provision of quality formal education through
effective teaching and character transformation of
young boys for true service to God and society.



The Missionary of Africa (White Fathers) established the first St. Charles Minor Seminary in 1953 at Wiaga in the Builsa District of the Upper East Region. Later, in 1955, it was relocated to Tamale, where it is currently located. Perhaps as a result of Tamale’s crucial location as the northern administrative center, the school was relocated there in 1955. The school at Wiaga began with 12 pupils in the inaugural class, then added 8 more in the second batch. The remaining 21 kids in the third batch were transferred to Tamale. By the conclusion of the year, only 15 students remained from the original batch of 29, as 14 had withdrawn for various reasons. It wasn’t until the late 1990s when it was becoming increasingly difficult for the church to maintain the school on its own, that the decision was made to form a partnership with the government, which ultimately led to the government absorbing the school in 2001.


The Crest

The following symbols in the crest are explained below

The Bird – This stands for the Holy Spirit, who is our Teacher, comforter, Sanctifier, Healer, and Guider.

The Cross: The cross stands for Christianity and Catholicism

The firebrand: This stands for light

The Motto:

Recta Sapere is a Latin phrase that means ‘Outstanding Among Peers’

Name Year
Rev. Fr. Ken Haskew
Rev. Fr. Briody
Rev. Fr. Avila Lafrance9 Acting) 1988 To 1990
Rev. Fr. Gerard Charbonneau
Rev. Fr. Gregoire Lincourt 1973
Rev. Br. Stephen Custers 1990
Rev. Br. Arnold Schmal 1983 to 1988
Rev. Fr. Peter Anglaaere 1997 to 1999
Mr. Jakpa Paul Kelly (Acting) 1999 to 2001
Rev. Br. Luke Bangnikon 2001 to 2003
Mr. Joseph K. Jumah 2003 to 2008



The school has registered 100% academic performance over the years.

  1. National Science and Mathematics Quiz:

First round participation in 2002/03

  1. Regional Games:

FICA Basketball Competition (2004) Gold Medalist

FICA Basket Ball Competition (2004) – Well-behaved team



  • No. of Students (SHS 1): 86
  • No. of Students (SHS 2): 159
  • No. of Students (SHS 3): 156


  • 21 Classrooms
  •  Science Lab
  • Library
  • Computer Lab.

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