Understand what link building is and find out how they boost your website results

If you already work or intend to enter the field of digital marketing , you must master the concept and process of link building. After all, it is one of the main SEO strategies to apply to content. Basically, it consists of building a network of links from other sites that point to yours as a reference on the subject.

In this way, with several pages recommending yours, the Google algorithm understands that you are an authority and, thus, you can boost the results of your website.

So, it’s not enough to create a responsive website , with good loading speed and relevant content. You need to go further to achieve excellent positioning in search results.

Want to know how to do good link building and improve your results? So stay with us and find out everything about it!

After all, what is link building?

 As we mentioned at the beginning, link building is a set of techniques whose objective is to increase the number of backlinks, that is, links from other sites, pointing to your page as a reference in a given subject.

In other words, it is when other sites mention your brand through links that will serve as a gateway for new users to reach your page.

Therefore, link building is one of the main SEO strategies to be used, as it helps with organic ranking and, at the same time, attracts new visitors.

The logic behind it is quite simple. The more quality backlinks that lead to your website, the more search engine algorithms understand that it brings content that is, in fact, relevant to users.

What is it for?

As you’ve seen, link building helps Google’s algorithms understand that your page actually brings relevant content to users. This is because the search engine investigates the links that lead to your site and analyzes whether it is cited enough.

In addition, the artificial intelligence of the algorithm seeks to identify the meta-description, the content, the position of the link on the page and several other factors. It is important to emphasize that all these points have a direct influence on the indexing and ranking of your page .

How important is it to my website?

As links are responsible for indicating the popularity of a site, then, we can say that the importance of good link building is that it is responsible for good positioning in search engines, especially Google.

Therefore, a site without backlinks will hardly have visits, considering that no other site indicates it as a good reference on the subject.

Having a good position in search engines means an increase in organic traffic to your website, which consequently results in more sales for your brand.

How to apply a good link building strategy on my website?

Now that you understand that link building is essential for a strong digital presence, it’s time to find out how to apply the strategy effectively. Are you ready? So, take note of the following tips!

Invest in content marketing

Content marketing, in addition to contributing a lot to the active prospecting of leads , is also essential for a good link building strategy. That’s because, to get good backlinks, you need to make sure that users will like the content when they land on your site.

Also, when visitors like your content, they are much more likely to share it, generating more backlinks. That is, the content is so good that it ends up spreading “by itself”, without requiring effort to generate links.

Some examples of such content are:

  • interactive content, such as quizzes;
  • infographics;
  • complete guides, step-by-step style;
  • posts with lists.

But remember that, whichever model you choose, you need to pay attention to the content.

Seek partners for backlinks

The great challenge of link building is the fact that those who decide whether to direct to your site are the others. However, this task is much easier when there is a good relationship with other pages. But how to find the best partners?

The answer is simple: they are the ones that Google trusts. How to know this? Just look at the ones that have the best positioning in the search engine.

A very good tool is the Link Explorer , which shows which are the best partners, just by including the website URL. Once you find an interesting partner, make a friendly approach, building a relationship where both can help each other.

do guest posting

After finding good partners and building a relationship, propose actions to generate backlinks. One of the most used is the guest post, which consists of creating content through a guest.

That is, if you noticed that he is an authority on a certain subject, invite him to create content for your site. However, remember that the subject needs to be relevant to your audience. Otherwise, it will lose its purpose and the strategy will not work.

Bet on co-marketing

In addition to the guest post, it is also worth investing in co-marketing, a very similar strategy. It is the union of two or more companies to create materials in partnership. This is especially true when creating e-books.

In that case, you need to think about content that attracts everyone’s audience . Thus, everyone wins with the partnership.

Reject Dodgy Backlinks

Remember we mentioned that the best partners for backlinks are those with better positioning in search engines and that Google trusts?

Likewise, when dubious sites (that send spam or, even, that can be used to apply scams or spread viruses) direct links to your page, the search engine understands that your site may also not be trustworthy.

The result of this is a drop in search engine ranking, damaging your organic traffic too much. The best tool to disavow this type of backlink is Google Search Console, which has a feature where you enter the domains you want to disavow.

As you’ve seen, link building is essential to achieve good positioning on search pages. With this, there is an increase in organic traffic and the chances of you becoming an authority on a given subject increase. So be sure to follow the tips we present throughout the post!

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