YouTube Shorts: what is it and how to use it?

Although people still use television as a form of entertainment, YouTube has for many years become a strong video platform that brings constant improvements to its users. One of the most current is Youtube Shorts .

Check out today’s text to learn more about Youtube Shorts, including what it is, how it came to be, what it serves as, and why it has recently gained so much notoriety. All of this will be covered in a clear, concise, impartial, and highly engaging manner.

The trend of social media

 Well, with social networks increasingly popular and taking over people’s lives, it became common for others to appear in their place, and one that was quite successful was TikTok with its short and well-edited videos.

Whether it’s to create content with a custom frame or about something new, Youtube wasted no time in creating Youtube Shorts to meet this trend and not lose users of its platform.

Stories first became popular on Instagram, however, a very important detail is that they are a kind of vlog where people tell about their days and make updates throughout it.

Youtube Shorts, on the other hand, aims to be a short video with a little more editing, which can entertain users, be shared on other social networks and still generate engagement, regardless of whether the subject is technology or the sale of latex balloons .

To learn more about this new platform feature and find out how to use it efficiently and practically, check out the following topics.

The Impact of Youtube Shorts

It can be said that, nowadays, the best way to grow on the internet and attract more audiences to your brand is through the creation of content, a very solid concept these days. People are on the internet for that very reason.

Social networks and Youtube are great ways to increase engagement with publications and videos that generate user interest, making them start following you, sharing and, in fact, consuming your content.

Even large companies, which have personalized badges and lanyards , ended up surrendering to this trend and, today, do a good job with content creation, making them always in evidence in places.

Some benefits of this strategy are:

  • Greater brand reach;
  • Greater engagement;
  • Greater likelihood of partnerships;
  • Higher profit;

And Youtube Shorts has played a great role since its launch, allowing brand followers to not have to switch social networks in the first place if they want to see a different video related to the brand.

Not only that, but it’s great for indicating other partnerships and even arousing the curiosity of users with an upcoming video, even if it’s related to something different from the channel’s content, for example, access control at entrances .

Some ways to make correct and efficient use of Youtube Shorts are:

Know your audience

Knowing the target audience of your publications on Youtube Shorts is essential to generate engagement and make people aware of and interested in the content your brand is creating.

There is no point in having differentiated content in the shorts if your audience finds it uninteresting. This can cause the opposite effect to that sought, so be careful and careful.

Edit the videos well

One of the biggest differentials of Youtube Shorts is the editing of the videos, after all, because they are short, it is much simpler and easier to perform this action. No wonder they differ so much from Instagram stories.

If it’s to launch a quick vlog or a message, use the platform’s communities tab or other social networks.

They are functionalities made to achieve different purposes and, if they are not done in the right way, the YouTube algorithm can disappoint and people may not recognize your work.

Be simple

You don’t have to go overboard in creating your next shorts. Just have a cool idea and think about how to creatively develop it to last between 15 and 20 seconds at most.

If you want to create better developed content and where the stories can be more complex and the editing can shine for longer, opt for the platform’s standard videos. The shorts are meant to be simple and quick, so objectivity is key.

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