Tolon Senior High


Gender: Mixed

Housing status: Day & Boarding

Telephone: 024 598 2462

District: Tolon

Year of Establishment; 1991


Second-cycle education is provided at Tolon Senior High School, which is located in Tolon in the Northern Region of Ghana. Mohammed Issifu is serving as the school’s headmaster at the present time.

To transform Tolon Senior High School into the premier institution of its kind in terms of student motivation, school discipline, and academic achievement in order to facilitate the development of students into well-rounded individuals who possess the information, abilities, and attitudes necessary to be successful on social, economic, and moral fronts.

To provide an education that is relevant to all Ghanaians at all levels, with the goal of enabling them to gain skills that will aid them in developing their potential, becoming productive, facilitating the decrease of poverty, and contributing to national growth and development on a socioeconomic and national level.

Brief History

In 1991, the institution opened its doors as a community day school with a total enrollment of 65 pupils. The current population is the same as it was in 1989, and there are four different programs. These include courses such as General Science and Arts, as well as Home Economics and Business.


  • No. of Students (SHS 1): 803
  • No. of Students (SHS 2): 1034
  • No. of Students (SHS 3): 664


  • 32 Classroom
  • Science Lab
  • Library
  • Computer Lab.


  • The school recorded 100% passes in 2013 and
  • Awarded the 2nd in 1st National Best awards,
    Northern Region, Most Improved at WASSCE


Telephone: 024 598 2462
Location: Tolon
Latitude: 9.430900
Longitude: -1.064600
District: Tolon

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