Check out 5 digital marketing tools and everything you need to know about them

There has never been so much talk about digital marketing tools as nowadays, is there? Experts populate social media feeds and videos with promises ranging from the most miraculous and miraculous to small isolated actions. Blink, someone has an infallible idea.

But is it really that simple? Is that trending topic technological solution the answer to put you face to face with your audience and guarantee conversion? Don’t be disappointed, but the answer is: it depends.

Like everything else in our life, this issue also needs to be evaluated in the light of each one’s dilemma. In other words, “know yourself” and you will know which digital marketing tool is right for your business.

Therefore, this content presents some of the most used resources to leverage campaigns . That way, you can understand which fits best in your marketing strategies. Check out!

What are digital marketing tools?

Digital marketing tools are technological solutions aimed at improving the performance of campaigns and advertising actions , tailored to market activities and your business objectives.

What are the top 5 digital marketing tools?

Digital marketing has grown dramatically in recent years. At the same speed, tools emerged that promise to help in the arduous task of obtaining the best results . Check out some.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is, without a doubt, the free digital marketing tool most used by professionals in the field. After all, most of the data generated daily on thousands of websites, applications and e-commerce’s passes through the internet giant.

The platform provides reports that monitor the traffic of blogs and websites , in addition to allowing the customization of dashboards according to your needs.

The package is quite complete and delivers information about your audience, ranging from age and gender to their greatest interests. That way, you can see exactly what’s working and where you need to improve.

To start using it, just access the Analytics page using your Google account and follow the recommended steps.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free digital marketing tool to check how your website ranks in search results. In addition, it helps you to carry out the necessary actions so that it appears in the Google ranking .

Search Console is directly related to SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) best practices and offers a complete information panel with ranking data. Check out:

    1. Search Appearance — shows how the algorithm reads each session: titles, descriptions, images, etc.;
    2. Search Traffic — identifies what the audience is looking for and what leads them to enter your site or not;
    3. Google Index — how is Google’s performance in the process of indexing pages and identifying the most frequent keywords;
    4. Crawl — flags if there are problems, and what they are, that can hinder the performance of Google’s robots, as they scour your site’s pages in search of meaningful content;
    5. Security Issues — informs you about security issues detected in your URL.To configure the tool, you need to access the service and log in with your Google account. From there, simply indicate the site you want to crawl.

    Google Tag Manager

    This solution is also free and allows you to include a simplified code on the website. This way, you can install or change various services and tracking tags without having to change a line of code.

    With this resource, not only will the marketing team gain more autonomy, but it will also be possible to reduce costs in the IT area. After all, any professional who has access to the platform can make the change.

    As with other digital marketing tools, you need to create an account on the platform and then start setting it up with the requested data.

    From there, you customize the container where you’ll store all the parameters and tags that will be used on the site.

    Google Optimize

    Like other digital marketing tools, Google Optimize is free. The focus is to help with conversion rate optimization (CRO). For this, it allows you to test different versions of pages on your website and measure their performance.

    The engine uses a tracking snippet as well as some page and audience targeting settings. That is, if you have activated the tool and a visitor who meets the parameters arrives at the site, it will trigger the test.

    As testing takes place and gathers information, Google Optimize begins to provide a prediction of which version of the page has the greatest potential to perform the best over time.

    To create your Google Optimize account you need to use your Google login and then start the configuration process by granting some permissions. Just follow the guidelines, remembering that you will have to link it to your Google Analytics.

    Google Ads

  1. Google Ads is the Silicon Valley giant’s ad platform, as well as being the largest on the internet in the segment of sponsored links.

    With this digital marketing tool you can create ads on different channels like YouTube, Gmail and Play Store. Additionally, you are charged when someone clicks on your ad, visits your website or contacts you.

    Depending on the objective of your campaign, it can be a great solution, as you will be able to segment your audience well . That way, your ad will be shown to people who are looking for exactly what you offer.

    You can choose to use the simplified version of the platform, which makes it much easier for those who are not familiar with the tool. To create an Ads account , all you need is a valid email address and a website.

    Whew, that’s a lot of information, isn’t it? As the digital transformation progresses, the number of digital marketing tools also increases and the features become more and more complex. For those who work in the area, whether through an agency or independently , it is important to always seek updates.

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